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Power auger at work
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The Fulford Tapestry

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Leeds team at work

A hammer drill is used to drive the auger into the soil (below) in one metre sections.

A hydraulic jack is needed to pull the cores out. We have gone down to 8m for some samples.

We have taken over 100 soil samples using different augers.

For the hardest, deepest soils we were very lucky to have the services of Leeds University, Geography Department.

We have completed a transect of the Ouse basin to understand how it might have looked in 1066. Recently we examined the area of the probable ford of 1066 to discover its course and the shape of the land on which the battle was fought.

All of the recording and measuring were done when the core was extracted. There is some art to this science since colours change when exposed to air and the mechanics of extraction can shrink or expand the core dimensions.

Assessment was often a team effort - so assessing if something should be classes as gritty clay or clay, alluvium or clay etc, could be a fine judgement.

There are 60 more images spread over 5 pages which show the soil cores.



There is a site devoted to saving the battlesite: The site has the story of the process that has allowed the site to be designated an access road to a Green Field, flood-plane housing estate. Visiting Fulford        Map York

And another website for the Fulford Tapestry that tells the story of the September 1066: This tells the story embroidered into the panels.

There is a blog covering these sites where you can leave questions and make comments.

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