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The site is located just south of York, There is good, on road parking and the site has good access. The land is owned by Fulford Parish Council with whose cooperation is gratefully acknowledged  and with whose permission the dig is being undertaken. The work is also subject to permission and regulation by the Ouse and Derwent Drainage Board who have imposed a number of conditions that form a part of this plan. Since access to the site was opened last year, it is evident that it has become a popular place for the public to visit so improvements to the path are planned. .


The site is on public land and easily accessible. Below is a map of the public transport and parking. York OS map


There is unrestricted, on-road parking along Fordlands Road. Please do not park in the spaces in front of the Cemetery. The path from the MacArthur Glenn Designer Centre Park & Ride is marked (dotted line) and it is a 10 minute walk from the site.


There are regular busses to and from the station and the centre of town - The bus stops are marked on the map. Several busses goalong the Fulford Road. However, the simplest and most regular bus is the P&R Silver line (7) that passes the Railway station and stops beside the site. (The bus stop is known as Fordlands Road – The return stop is 100m towards town on the opposite side.)

Walking/ Cycling

It is a 2.5 Km walk from the centre of town via Piccadilly, Fishergate and Fulford Road. However, there is a path beside the rivers and a ‘Millennium Path’ that is signed towards Fulford. The path is paved for much of its way and follows the river Ouse.

Washing and toilet facilities

By kind permission of Fulford Parish Council, the facilities at the Cemetery will be available to those taking part in the dig.


Coffee, tea, water and biscuits will be available. There are several excellent pubs nearby that produce good food for those wanting a hot meal. Fulford also has a very good sandwich shop and fish and chip shop that is a 15 minute round tip from the dig site.

There will be provision within the admin tent to store and eat picnics. The playing field is also a popular venue for relaxing.

Site security

It will be possible to leave bags in the admin tent and a secure box will be provided for diggers. However, no responsibility is accepted for any loss since the site is open to the public.

The trenches will be closed at the end of each dig. While the trenches are open there will be a night watchman to secure the site.

A risk, health and safety assessment has been undertaken and will be available for inspection. The limited rules will form part of the brief to each team before they dig.


There is a B&B run by friends of the project if you are travelling from a distance and would like to make a weekend of it. Nicky who runs Pinfold Cottage (pinfoldcottage@aol.com  01904 634683) has said she will help you find nearby alternatives is she has no space.




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There is a site devoted to saving the battlesite: The site has the story of the process that has allowed the site to be designated an access road to a Green Belt, floodplain housing estate.

And another website for the Fulford Tapestry that tells the story of the September 1066: This tells the story embroidered into the panels.

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