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Fulford Battlefield Ford Excavation 11-26 July 2015

Dates Find us  Methodology Training sign up fulfordthing@gmail.com


In July 2015 we will be extending the work of 2014  where we now can be certain the main action during the battle of Fulford took place on 20th September 1066.

The project has several aims

  1. This project is designed to collect more of the iron objects to add to those from the 2013 trial trench and the 2014 work.

  2. We will expose more of the stone surface, including the causeway to understand the ford where the battle was fought.

  3. We be running a training alongside the excavations to provide a chance to learn and improve skills, including a week-long course for young people.

The aim of this year’s work is to extend and confirm the evidence from the 2013 and 2014 digs. The ambitious plan is to allow us to explore the rest of the accessible archaeology in the area of the ford and complete the excavation work this year. This will lead to the publication of the ford finds and the dating proof for the 1066 battlesite during 2016.

There will be 4 trenches, each with a different purpose. The trenches will be run concurrently. (Methodology)

  1.  Extending the 2014 trench 1 runs across the causeway and the stone surface east. 

  2. Excavating south of the 2014 trench 2 to recover more finds and investigate the red layer.

  3. Open a long linear trench 3m from the beck to provide an accurate dating model.

  4. A transect through the discontinuity to investigate its formation.

Some formal training is a part of this year’s programme to promote an interest in archaeology among the young and to enhance the pool of skills available to the community. The diverse nature of the trenches and techniques planned makes the project a good place to provide such training. The requirements of the training programme will mesh well with the meticulous excavation and plotting planned to obtain better dating models. The training will focus on trenches 2 and 3.

Time (details)

The dig takes place in July 2015 and is part of the Council for British Archaeology Festival. (http://www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/about)

With so much work to do we will run the dig for two and a bit weeksdetails.

The dig spans three weekends and the school holidays begin midway through the project and we are running a special programme for young archaeologists.


The work is being undertaken by volunteers who are mostly members of the CBA. But there is plenty and varied of work to do so email to sign up

Members of the York Metal Detectorists Club (YMDC) will be providing expertise in metal detection. However, there is so much iron pan on, and within, the base that active detecting within the trench is expected to be limited but will be one of the experiments being conducted.

Sign Up

The email to sign up is fulfordthing@gmail.com


The site is located just south of York, There is good, on road parking but please do not occupy the spaces for the nearby Fulford Cemetery. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the Fulford parish Playing field where the dig is located. Maps and travel arrangements. The site is very well served by public transport and walking distance from a York Park & Ride.

   York OS map Fulford map


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There is a site devoted to saving the battlesite: The site has the story of the process that has allowed the site to be designated an access road to a Green Belt, floodplain housing estate.

And another website for the Fulford Tapestry that tells the story of the September 1066: This tells the story embroidered into the panels.

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