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After more than an hour of fighting the warriors are already tired and thirsty.

King Harald waits until the two sides are locked together before making his move

  • First, he commands a blast to be sounded which tells his army to advance. So all along the line the Norse warriors advance into the ditch and towards the English line.

  • Next, when the armies are locked together, Harold takes his banner down to the river bank and leads a devastating charge. This will be the turning point in the battle.

King Harald's style was to swing his axe while others protected him with their spears and shields and exploit the breach in the shield wall, or so we hear in the Saga

King Harald was a giant and coming fresh to the fight, with his chosen band, he would have cut a way where the riverside-path crossed the Beck. From the moment when Harald broke cover until he reached the English line and Earl Edwin's small Mercian force, was probably less than a minute. The shock and momentum allowed King Harald to force his way over the Beck.

While some of Harald's Vikings pressed Earl Edwin's flank force back towards York, other Vikings now advanced along the defender's side of Germany Beck. 

Fulford turning point

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There is a site devoted to saving the battlesite: The site has the story of the process that has allowed the site to be designated an access road to a Green Field, flood-plane housing estate. Visiting Fulford        Map York

And another website for the Fulford Tapestry that tells the story of the September 1066: This tells the story embroidered into the panels.

There is a blog covering these sites where you can leave questions and make comments.

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