Fulford Tapestry

Since the makers of what we know as the Bayeux Tapestry (actually designed and made in southern England) forgot about the northern battles, I have designed 7 panels in a similar style which tell the tale of the battle at Fulford. There are images of the design and the work in progress.

By Morcar on May 18, 2010 | Yorkshire Bayeux | 1 comment
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Welcome to the Battle of Fulford blog

This blog has been created to disseminate the information about the work to locate the battle of Fulford. The report of a decade of work is nearing publication and the plan is to provide drafts for comment and discussion prior to publication in September 2010.

The blog is managed by the ghost of earl Morcar.

By Morcar on October 12, 2009 | Archaeology & Research | A comment?
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