Finding Fulford is published

After 3 years writing and 2 years editing, the printed version of the report into the work at Fulford was published early in 2011.

To make the research as widely available as possible, an ebook version for Amazon’s Kindle has also been published. This can be downloaded for a few dollars.

There are also large sections of the report on the website.

Cover of the book Finding Fulford

isbn 9781780180502 Finding Fulford

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Tapestry website launched should take you to the website dedicated to the story of the making of the Fulford tapestry.

Launched in a beta version at the end of May 2012,  your comments would be welcome.

We hope that we can link up with others who are working on similar projects.

The Fulford Tapestry in launched

tapestry_scroll_jan12_smlIn February 2012, during the Jorvik festival in York, our tapestry went on display for the first time. The reception was terrific and the embroiderers were there to answer questions and continue work on the final images.

We also decided to name it ‘The Fulford Tapestry’ as the project title, which was ‘The Yorkshire Preface to the Bayeux Tapestry’ was too much of a mouthful. Happily folk out there are beginning to recognise that Fulford was the place of the first of the battles of 1066.

So welcome to the Fulford Tapestry.

King Harold Day 2009

An event is being organised at Waltham Abbey (North West of London) on Saturday 17 October 2009 which covers a range of activities relevant to Harold, at his reputed burrial place.
Chas Jones will be talking about the walk that he did from York to Waltham Abbey to test the issues faced by King Harold in October 1066 as he headed south to face William. Mind you, I doubt if he had to sleep in the woods or dodge cars – but you can find out what it was like on the website or come along to Waltham Abbey.

Chas arrives at Waltham Abbey

Chas arrives at Waltham Abbey

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